White Chocolate - Nestle Milkybar

by Graham W.

Nestle Milkybar

Nestle Milkybar

Always a favorite as a kid (growing up in the UK - don't know it this has made it elsewhere).

Graham, I wonder if that is the same as a Nestle bar in United States but just with a different name?

I went to the Nestle site and see that you have ... Nestlé Smarties too, "a colourful sugar-coated chocolate confectionery popular in the UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa and Canada."

Yes, it would be interesting to hear from other visitors if they have the Nestle Milkybar in their country and if they like it too.

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Australia's Milky Bar.
by: Laurie

Update. August. 2013.
It would seem that a change has occured toward International uniformaty. It looks as though our original,'Milky Bar' is not available any more but a line with cookies and larger has taken its place.
That one HAS white chocolate - which in tself is a puzzle to many.
So the referance to Kevin Rudd is now not quite pedantically appropriate.

Milky Bar chocolate puzzle.
by: Australia2

There is quite a bit of confusion with regard to white chocolate and Milky Bar.
On checking with the different countrys' information facility, I find the the Milky Bars sold here in Australia - and New Zealand, do not have any chocolate (cocoa mass/butter) whereas the UK ones do!
Down-under, the product is promoted hence, quote: 'We refer to our NESTLE MILKY BAR as a deliciously smooth and creamy bar and do not refer to it as a chocolate bar.'
Nestle'UK says, quote: 'Milkybars made for the UK market contain cocoa butter from cocoa beans.
Recipes can vary from country to country but we can only advise on Nestle products made for the UK market.'

Seemingly, Nestle' Milky Bar is not marketed in the USA. However, the following two interesting extracts are gathered from the Nestle' USA FAQ page on their website:
'In 1876 in Vevey, Switzerland, Daniel Peter, a chocolate manufacturer and neighbor of Henri Nestlé, devised a way of adding Nestlé Condensed Milk to chocolate, creating the product we enjoy today known as milk chocolate.' *****
'White chocolate contains an insignificant amount of caffeine because it does not contain chocolate liquor. Practically all of the caffeine in chocolate bars comes from the chocolate liquor. There is about 2.5 mg. caffeine in a 1.5 oz. serving of white chocolate.'

On those grounds, the relevant Wikipedia entry appears to need correction.

I hope all that is helpful.

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