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Welcome! Come explore the many chocolate gifts ideas and delicacies you can order such as gourmet chocolate, gift baskets, custom and personalized gifts. This will be your most enjoyable shopping ever! These will be greatly appreciated by your chocolate lover friends – and by almost everyone because everyone loves chocolate.

There is much information for you here about chocolate such as its history and delicious chocolate recipes!

Chocolate Stores Online
Shop to purchase delicious, high quality chocolate gift delicacies such as hand-made gourmet truffles with fresh cream, fruits, and nuts for the most discerning connoisseur. You have many choices such as organic, custom, and corporate. You can buy just what you want from the comfort of your home.

  • Chocolate Wedding Favors can add a classy pizzazz to your wedding reception. They are universally popular with guests to eat and visually can range from simple to ornate.
  • Chocolate Cookie Gifts which have great high quality chocolate with many delicious flavor combinations to choose. Buy some fabulous-tasting cookies made with top notch ingredients for your family or special event.
  • Chocolate Cheesecake selections of traditional, unique, miniatures and favors. Choose a delicious chocolate cheesecake from traditional favorites like chocolate chip to unique creations for a much-appreciated gift or for your own indulgence.

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Baskets
Show you care to send a very special unique gift for the occasion. Check out these chocolate reviews of several fantastic providers!

Non-Edible Chocolate-Related Gifts
Shop for chocolate gifts such as games, puzzles, and calendars. Scores of chocolate images and sayings on T-shirts, tote bags, mouse pads, greeting cards, address return labels, ball caps, and more. Great fun with chocolate-related board games and puzzles, and much more.

  • Chocolate Cookbooks and Magazines along with selections to download immediately. Shop to find the best recipes and simplest guides for choosing and cooking chocolate, baking sweet chocolate treats or rich cocoa drinks.
  • Custom Personalized Chocolate Gifts will certainly be appreciated with this special treatment of a unique customization.
  • Chocolate Fondue Fountain Gifts with a wide variety of good quality, easy to use, long lasting chocolate fondue pots and chocolate fountains at affordable prices.
  • Cookware Gifts for baking chocolate creations with quality mixing and baking utensils. Choose gifts from this wide selection of cookware, easy-to-use tools and accessories to be a great Chocolate Chef.

Delicious chocolate gifts for holidays are popular with everyone. They are especially appropriate for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, Grandparent’s Day, Boss’ Day, Sweetest Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve for starters.

Gift Ideas
Many of your friends, relatives and work associates would love chocolate gifts with the look, smell and taste of chocolate. Make a quality selection by checking the label and ingredients with our guidelines. Besides eating, there are fun chocolate gifts with chocolate images on them like cards, calendars, journals, cups, aprons, T-Shirts, caps, stickers, buttons, ornaments and books.

Purchasing Chocolate Gifts
Purchasing is made easy with guides for your shopping pleasure. You will get new ideas by browsing through guides by holiday, category/ingredients, occasion/reasons and persons.

See special delicious chocolate recipes as well as popular, “most-requested” ones. There are instructions and videos on melting chocolate and making chocolate truffles. And, there are descriptions of the different types of chocolate used in baking and cooking. Choose baking gifts from a wide selection of cookware, easy-to-use tools and accessories. Check out great gift ideas of fountains and cookbooks. Submit your own chocolate recipe to share!

You will be surprised at the very interesting history of chocolate and will really appreciate that you are living in this time of high quality, great tasting and affordable products. Learn the many fascinating facts that you can share with your friends and become more choco-literate. Wonder how is chocolate made? Learn how the cocoa beans are processed into nibs, liquor, butter, and – chocolate (also see via a video).

Fondue Fountains
Have you ever been able to pass up one of those chocolate fountains? They have special magnets in them to draw people. Learn what chocolate to use, what to dip, and great tips for using a fountain. Also, there is an easy recipe to use. If you want to rent a commercial one for a party, wedding reception or other occasion, there is a check list to use so you can choose wisely. See a wide variety of good quality fondue fountain gifts, easy to use, long lasting chocolate fondue pots, chocolate fountains, accessories, chocolate to melt and more.

Locate an entertaining chocolate festival here. Choose one close to you or travel to an interesting destination half way around the world. Find one with great reviews, list yours here, or show and tell us about one you have enjoyed!

Fascinating information comparing the high antioxidant benefits of chocolate to other popular sources like prunes, blueberries and red wine. Chocolate also helps maintain a healthy heart and arteries with a rich source of flavonoids in the cocoa powder. Old myths are being dispelled by new medical and scientific facts – such as with acne and migraine headaches. Learn the truth about these topics and much more amazing information.

  • Chocolate Health Facts – For the good news about acne, allergies, & migraine headaches. Do not blame chocolate for problems with caffeine & hyperactivity. You don’t have to avoid cacoa if you have diabetes.
  • Chocolate Milk is a great sports drink. It is Americans favorite drink and it is increasingly recognized for nutritional value.
  • Benefits of Chocolate tells a surprise about being a cough suppressant. There are various health benefits especially of dark chocolate to your health. Learn about the benefits of chocolate from naturally occurring antioxidants in chocolate for maintaining a healthy heart and arteries and low blood pressure.
  • Craving Chocolate – Read about the “psychology.” Do you crave chocolate? Good news – you’re just normal. Research shows that many people crave chocolate, especially women.
  • Dental Care – Blame chocolate for cavities? Amazingly, studies on the interaction of chocolate and teeth show the minerals and cocoa butter in chocolate minimizes any damage to teeth.
  • Pets – Learn the dangers chocolate has of toxicity to pets such as horses, dogs, parrots, and cats (kittens especially).

See chocolate reviews by others and share your evaluations. Inform and get informed! Chocolate reviews by other purchasers will help in your chocolate gifts selections and your reviews can help your fellow chocolate lovers’ purchasing decisions. Learn how to properly evaluate chocolate and then you can give your own chocolate reviews.

  • Chocolate Tasting – describes five relevant, objective evaluation criteria, and tasting techniques, necessary for each taster’s evaluation to be useful to others’ purchasing decisions. It provides a form to post your evaluations to help your fellow chocolate lovers.
  • Chocolate Companies Online Reviews – provides great information for purchasing chocolates online. It gives you opinions and ratings from other chocolate lovers as to their purchasing experiences with online chocolate shops. It provides a form to post your evaluations to help your fellow chocolate lovers.
  • Chocolate Shop Reviews – provides great information for purchasing chocolates at physical chocolate shops. It gives you opinions and ratings from other chocolate lovers as to their purchasing experiences with chocolate shops. It provides a form to post your evaluations to help your fellow chocolate lovers.
  • Gourmet Chocolate Shop Directory - will help you locate where to buy chocolate gifts. This directory is available for chocolate lovers to discover shops to visit and buy irresistible treats or for shop owners to describe and “advertise” their shops.

Whatever chocolate gift you’re looking for, you will find it here.

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