Franklin, MA, USA and online
Nirvana Chocolates

At Nirvana Chocolates, we have award-winning Belgian chocolatiers craft each chocolate individually by hand using the finest ingredients and centuries old techniques. So divine is the complex balance of wholesome ingredients, such as fresh cream, sugar and nuts infused with fruits and spices, that you'll understand why we refuse to alter the taste with preservatives. At Nirvana, chocolates are the freshest, highest quality possible.

We offer gift boxes perfect for innumerable occasions and seasonal collections featuring playful chocolate figurines and other seasonal specialty items such as pates de fruits, marzipan and nougat.

You can also select your own box. In the traditional Belgian way of shopping for chocolates, you can actually choose the particular Nirvana Chocolates you would like in your box, creating your own custom made assortment. Ordering is easy!

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