Chocolate Fountain Rental
Questions & Answers

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Now that you have decided to consider a chocolate fountain rental, here are some questions a company will likely ask you and some questions you should be sure to ask so all the charges and any specifications are clear ahead of time. Get these questions out of the way so you can enjoy your celebration.

Questions a Rental Company May Ask:

  • What kind of occasion are youcelebrating?
  • How many guests will be attending? This is needed for the company to determine what size of fountain is appropriate and the amount of chocolate needed. For example, a medium-sized 29-inch fountain is sufficient for 100-250 people, keeping in mind that more chocolate may be added throughout the event. A large 40-inch fountain can serve from 250 to an unlimited amount of people if chocolate is continually added throughout the event.
  • What kind of chocolate would you like?
  • How many hours you will want to serve your guests?
  • Do you need/want a professional attendant and if so, how to dress (i.e. formal or custom for your event)?
  • Do you have a table and necessary electrical cords and outlet?
  • Do you need table linens?
  • What are your time and location requirements for delivery and set up?

Questions to Ask a Rental Company:

  • What different packages are offered and what is included in each. These are often found on the company’s website.
  • Are dipping items included? What selections are available?
  • Are platters, trays, and bowls for dipping items provided?
  • Are skewers and napkins provided?
  • Are personalized napkins available, if desired?
  • Are different colors for base of fountain available (if you want to coordinate with an overall color scheme)?
  • What is the cost of each package? Do they accept your credit card?
  • Is a down payment expected? If so, how much? When is the balance due?
  • Ask about other terms of contract. For instance, sometimes a date is reserved only upon receipt of your initial deposit and a signed contract.
  • Can the fountain remain available beyond the scheduled time if needed? What is the additional cost for each unit of time?
  • Is dismantling and clean up included in the quoted cost?
  • How long does this take?
  • How much experience does the company have with chocolate fountains?

Other Things to Keep in Mind:

Chocolate fountains can be used outside but in limited situations.

The chocolate needs to be kept warm at all times. Therefore outside air temperature must be reasonably warm and wind speed moderate. The company can advise.

It would be good to keep the fountain close to a building for wind protection or have some sort of canopy over the chocolate fountain.

If you carefully think through and take notes with these questions, you will be ready for your chocolate fountain rental with confidence.

Then, have a wonderful celebration!

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