White Chocolate Fountain

by Jenny
(Rushden, UK)

Quick and simple white chocolate fountain recipe...
During the Easter Holiday season some years ago, I hosted a Murder Mystery Party. My Dad was in attendance, (well it was at his house!) and said that he'd look after dessert for me... Little did I know that he'd seen the chocolate fountains for sale and purchased 2!!! His rational was that there would be no squabbling between my sister and myself when we departed as we could have one each! What a thought! Anyway, he did a milk chocolate fountain and a white chocolate fountain.

Well, they went down like a storm and I would highly recommend the white chocolate!

From memory they are resource hungry on the initial chocolate but he purchased about 7 bars of Green and Black's white chocolate.

All bars melted via the microwave and then poured into the chocolate fountain as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Sorry, not quite a formal recipe, but I saw this and just had to let you know!

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