Wedding Chocolate Fountains

Wedding Chocolate fountains are the latest “must have” at wedding receptions.

Visually, one or more chocolate fountains with warm sumptuous chocolate flowing down can be quite impressive, especially surrounded by attractively displayed dipping items.

The smell of the chocolate adds to the sensory attraction.

The highlight for your guests of course is the scrumptious taste of a fresh juicy strawberry, cherry, peach, grape, marshmallow or just about anything you fancy that has been dipped into the delicious chocolate.

Your guests’ taste buds will think they are in heaven.

A wedding chocolate fountain is perfect as ..........

  • The ideal ice-breaker to encourage friends and relatives to start mingling
  • A welcome sight to greet your guests when they first arrive or as entertainment throughout the reception
  • A stunning center piece especially when surrounded by delectable dipping goodies such as luscious fresh fruit.
  • A delicious alternative to a traditional cake with excellent photo opportunities

Make it a Wonderful Event

It is very important to have someone attending the chocolate fountain, especially to oversee children as it could be messy for them. In addition, an attendant can ensure sanitary conditions. If you hire an attendant from a caterer, they should be skilled at this. Most people are adept at using a fountain and they enjoy the experience. You can save money by using the chocolate fountain in place of a dessert, plus it is available to your guests throughout the event.

Another great idea to consider is chocolate favors. Click to Chocolate Wedding Favors. There are many unique, cute, and elegant ones available.

Look at Chocolate Fountain Recipe page for information on how to buy and prepare the chocolate for a fountain if you want to do that yourself.

Chocolate fountains are a big favorite because they not only provide delicious chocolate, but also provide entertainment, encourage conversation and are an attractive focal point. Give your big day the “wow factor” with a chocolate fountain and your guests will be talking about it for years to come.

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