Valentine Chocolate

Delicious valentine chocolate is the classic way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day and exquisite chocolate delicacies, beautifully presented, demonstrates your passion.

Everyone loves chocolate and whether you are married or single, young or old, a man or woman, valentine chocolate is the perfect gift.

If you can, splurge on fine chocolate to better say “I really love you.” Even if you can not splurge, any chocolate gift on Valentine’s Day will express your love.

It is not just for couples but also for showing appreciation to family and friends – and much enjoyed by all recipients.

Topics covered on this page:

  • Fun Valentine Chocolate Facts
  • Valentine Chocolate Gifts
  • True Love in Action

Fun Valentine Chocolate Facts:

  • A box of chocolates is consistently rated one of the top gifts for this holiday.
  • Chocolate is the number one flavor choice for desserts and sweet treats.
  • Americans are expected to spend an average of $95 on chocolate and other gifts on Valentine’s Day according to the National Retail Federation.
  • 50 percent of women will likely give a gift of chocolate to a guy according to the Chocolate Manufacturers Association.
  • More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine's Day.
  • Valentine's Day is the fourth biggest holiday of the year for confectionery purchases after Halloween, Easter and Christmas.
  • American men say they would rather receive chocolate than flowers.

Valentine Chocolate Gifts

Once you have decided to purchase a luscious Valentine chocolate gift, see the Chocolate Gifts page for this valuable information:

  • Tips on Selecting Which Chocolates to Buy
  • Tips for Secure Purchasing
  • How to Check for Quality & Read Labels

True Love in Action

We talk a lot about showing love by giving valentine chocolate on Valentine’s Day. But frankly, some people are really easier to love than others, aren't they? Why is that?

Valorie Burton, an author and motivational speaker, wrote that she thinks this is so because those people are better at loving others. Because they express love in healthy ways on a consistent basis, they also attract love into their lives.

Most of us have been repeatedly taught this simple principle: You reap what you sow. Exactly what is it that we should be sowing into the lives of others?

Here are seven truths about true love – love that acts for the benefit of others rather than the benefit of self.

The apostle Paul recorded these eternal truths in the 13th chapter of First Corinthians in the Bible. This scripture is often recited at weddings. Challenge yourself to apply these ways to express your love to others.

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Applying this kind of love to any situation, does not fail:

Love is Patient

People won't always do what you want when you want them to. You can practice being patient with your children, spouse, relatives or the cashier who may take too long to ring up your order. Don’t always demand timing that meets your needs. You can be patient and slow down and enjoy life more.

Love is Kind

Choose to be kind every single day, perhaps by a caring word, a loving action or helping someone in need. You will feel good and be a blessing to those you meet.

Love Does Not Envy

Have you noticed that there always seems to be someone who appears to have more or to be doing better than us? You can make a decision not to be jealous of them but in every situation of life, find a reason to be thankful. If you have jealousy, this will poison your attitude and build resentment which can ruin relationships. So, instead of envying others, you can learn and even be inspired by them. At the same time, you can choose to be content with what you have while you are on the way to something better.

Love Does Not Boast and Is Not Proud

Resist the temptation to brag about yourself and your achievements. This often causes others to not feel good about themselves which does not show love. You can practice humility by allowing your successes to speak for themselves. Others will often notice your good work and kindness even without you making a show of them. It is much smarter to just be great than to try to persuade others of your greatness.

Love Is Not Rude or Easily Angered

We have all had times when we behaved badly and not been considerate. You can stop next time you feel the urge to be unkind, selfish or thoughtless and take a minute to ask yourself what a more loving response would be to this situation. This does not mean that you allow others to walk all over you. You can speak up with the truth to people in a very matter of fact way without being mean. Be understanding of peoples' feelings and be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs

Have you known someone who can remember everything you ever did wrong? Since this is very frustrating, you may want to separate yourself from that person. Even more important, forgive people who have wronged you even if they have not asked for forgiveness. Love people by encouraging them to a better future rather than criticizing them for their past mistakes.

Love Rejoices in the Truth
Are you afraid of the truth? When something is wrong, do you pretend everything is OK? One of the most important skills of love is to be honest and refuse to lie. If you speak truthfully, others will trust you and stressful issues will be dissolved. When you tell the truth with kindness and love, your life will be fulfilling and richer. Love never fails!

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Are you ready to express love now? You can do it! There are a million ways to be more loving all year long and not just this easy time of Valentine’s Day. Did someone say, “Valentine Chocolate?” Yes, that is a sure way to win friends!

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