St. Lucia, Caribbean

Jade Mountain's Chocolate Festival
October 11-15, 2013

“Jade Mountain Estate Chocolate”
A hands on interactive experience in the world of cacao and chocolate.


Chocolate enthused Cocktail Party in the Jade Lounge 6:00 -700 pm
This is the Launch for our own Nick Troubetzkoy's Emerald Estate Chocolate. Our Chocolate is hand crafted with organically grown cocoa beans from Nick Troubetzkoy's Emerald Estate here on St Lucia. Three generations of care and local technique have taught us to select exceptional quality cacao beans that are hand picked at their peak maturity and ripeness.

We are a Bean to Bar organic single estate boutique chocolate maker. James Beard award winning Chef Allen Susser has pioneered this signature intense chocolate taste with exotic tropical aromas. Our secret is authentically hand crafting small batches of our own cacao beans, slow roasted and stone ground. Emerald Estate Chocolate is to savor.

Start your evening with the alchemy of chocolate hosted by Chef Allen. He will introduce you to the world of chocolate. You will see freshly picked Cocoa pods, and toasted beans and taste a variety of Nick Troubetzkoy's Emerald Estate Chocolate bitter sweet and sweet chocolates. Enjoy a complimentary signature "Chocolate-tini". We will also serve several chocolate inspired savory Canapés such as Hearts of Mango and Chocolate Mini Slider and Chocolate Fennel Crostini.

After dinner, choose from our exotic chocolate desserts and our handmade chocolate truffles.


Join our Morning tour of Nick Troubetzkoy's Emerald Estate Cacao Plantation and Emerald Organic Farm. Chef Allen will host a chocolate workshop. 9:00 – 11:00 am
The Estate is a Cacao Plantation dating back three generations. It also serves as the organic farm that supplies all the fruits and vegetables for our Jade Cuisine served at the Jade Mountain Club. At the farm we will go through the production of cacao beans including pod picking, fermenting, drying rails and then a discussion on the alchemy of making chocolate. You will experience the local chocolate tradition of St Lucian Chocolate Tea. Taking part in the demonstration and sampling it rich calming effects. A light snack will be served on the back porch of the farm house from fresh vegetables harvested that morning by you (our guests) from the gardens along with a St Lucian Antipasto. Iced Chocolate Chai will be offered.

Chef Allen's Alchemy of Chocolate Class 4:00 – 5:00 pm
A live interactive cooking demonstration located in the Jade Mountain Lounge. You will learn the deep dark sweet secrets of making truffles, with plenty of extras to share.

Saturday Night - Surprisingly Chocolate Dinner
Chef Allen has personally created a menu with chocolate as its back bone for inspiration. The most important aspect of creating food is using quality ingredients including our own chocolate. Please review attached menu. Additionally a matching wine pairing has been carefully selected to compliment each flavor as an optional supplement.


Chocolate inspired Breakfast at Jade Mountain Club or in your very own Sanctuary
Chocolate breakfast specials will be offered along with breakfast
• Chocolate croissants with Banana and Vanilla Jam
• Chocolate Chip French toast with homemade papaya pineapple syrup
• Chocolate crepes stuffed with Tropical Fruit and Passion Fruit Liquado

Chocolate Truffle Workshop: at our Beach front restaurant 3:00 - 4:00. The Long Lost Art of Chocolate Truffle Creation!
Everyone wants to get their hands on our chocolate. But some want to take that to a whole new level! This truffle workshop focuses on techniques you can use in your own kitchen using ingredients you can find in local stores. The best take home what you make! So, if you've ever pondered the alchemy involved in the making of fine chocolate, enroll in Chocolate Truffle workshop and learn the delicious art for yourself!

Why stop at food and drink? Luxuriate in our Spa Chocolate delight.

Luxury at it's sweetest. Chocolate - what a treat to experience it on your body. The cocoa bean which grows here in Soufriere has long been touted for breaking down harmful free radical and now Jade Mountain has taken the chocolate treatment to new exotic heights. Revitalize your skin with anti –oxidant properties while indulging your sense for sweetness with this delightful chocolate experience. Decently warm then cooling chocolate is applied in layers, stimulating endorphins in the body and adding minerals to the skin to awaken your senses and bringing them into pure harmony. The chocolate caresses your skin while you relax, leaving you looking refreshed and feeling revitalized.

Monday Chocolate Sensory tasting - Monday Morning 10am in the Emerald Restaurant

Cocoa beans from the tree Theobroma cacao are a very complex raw ingredient used to make the chocolate. The complexity of the cocoa bean's flavor mystifies chocolate lovers. Three main cacao bean types exist: Forastero, Criollo, and a hybrid of the formers, Trinitario. All sensory panels should occur first thing in the morning so that the panelists have a fresh focus and can concentrate on the task at hand. We will be tasting and evaluating plenty of Nick Troubetzkoy's Emerald Estate Organic Hand Made Chocolates. Come have fun with us this morning.

Lunch at our private beach at the Jungle Grill at Anse Mamin
Take a water taxi over and enjoy a leisurely lunch grilled under the shade of the mango and palm tree. The menu is simple and delicious. With your toes in the sand, you have to try our "adult" Chocolate Milk Shake with a jungle burger.

Tour the plantation at Anse Mamin with our special guide Meno at 1:45pm
Plantation was originally a sugar cane plantation in the 18th century, until changing hands and moving to a cocoa crop. The cacao plants are still numerous on the grounds for guests to see and for us to produce our own estate chocolate. A tour with Meno is always memorable as he shares his heritage, his enthusiasm, and some herbal secrets. In Anse Mamin one can find turmeric, tamarind, cashews, mangos, avocados, oranges, tangerines, guavas, papaya, coconut, bread fruit, yams, and sweet potatoes. The superior taste and quality of the ingredients as well as the connection to the earth is inspiring. Anse Mamin is a wonderful resource.

Monday Evening Manager's Chocolate greeting cocktail party 6:00 - 7:00pm
Come Join us on the celestial terrace for several brand new exotic and chocolate cocktails and savory chocolate passed Hors D' oeuvres. Sunset is beautiful, bring your cameras.

Tuesday Discover Chocolate - interactive cooking class 5:30pm - located in the Jade Lounge.
Hosted by Executive Chef Jonathan Dearden. He will teach his trade secrets of how he blends chocolate with tropical and savory flavors.

Tuesday Evening Manager's Anse Chastanet Resort Chocolate greeting cocktail party 6:00 -7:00pm
Come Join us at the beach restaurant for our signature Spiced Rum punch and passed Hors D' oeuvres. Experience a St Lucian Tropical Chocolate Fondue using Nick Troubetzkoy's Emerald Estate Chocolate.

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