Miami, FL, USA
Romanicos Chocolate

Romanicos Chocolate is 100% free of preservatives!

Putting all chemicals aside, we work with our hands and use nothing but natural ingredients to elaborate our products. The cocoa beans used in our chocolate are grown in the wild, picked manually, dried under the tropical sun of Venezuela -known by many top chocolatiers to be the best in the world- Our confections passed through a strict quality control process until it leaves our store, directly to melt into your mouth.

Top Quality Natural Ingredients

Top quality ingredients are at the core of our elaborating process. Our products do not include preservatives or additives in order to be kept artificially fresh. Our chocolates and truffles are in high demand, so once ready they are immediately shipped and delivered. We make fresh products on a daily basis.
Our Service Is Unique And 100% Guaranteed

Romanicos is the most luxurious chocolate available in the market, renown for its hand made truffles and the delicate art reproduced in the Chocolate Art Collection. All chocolates come beautifully packaged with personalized note cards, making them ideal gifts. Quality service is key to us and we go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Every order is unique and delivered promptly to ensure through a tracking system that the product is fresh when it reaches the customer. There should never arrive any old or melted chocolate. If this if found to be the case we will refund the purchase.

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