Hawthorne, New Jersey, USA
Gimmee Jimmy's Cookies

In 1983, Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies opened its doors, making spectacular cookies available to the public in simple cookie tins. Our founder, Jimmy Libman, was a dedicated businessman, deaf from birth, but never handicapped by the physical obstacles he faced. Jimmy delivered a great product, and word of his great-tasting cookies crept forward from the mouths of his customers.

A few years ago, Jimmy stepped back from the center of the arena and left the responsibility of producing Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies in the hands of a small team of successors.

Today, it is the mission of our team to make sure that Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies no longer remain a secret. Tens of thousands of cookie and dessert lovers and even casual cookie-eaters already enjoy an unequaled cookie and dessert experience, but hundreds of thousands, even millions, more have yet to try our cookies and desserts.

We are very excited to offer our cookies and fresh baked gourmet Kosher desserts to you.

Baked Fresh All Day, Every Day.

* Spotless Kitchen
* Freshest All Natural Selected Ingredients
* No Artificial Anything
* Kosher Certified
* Delivered Daily To Fine Restaurants
* Shipped Fresh Daily Around The World

Come and enjoy our just baked-baked cookies, cakes and desserts. Our Commercial Bakery is now open to the public for your convenience... or - order online or by phone - fresh baked goods shipped daily with our guarantee of safe, fresh delivery. We've been pleasing kids and adults, customers and friends since 1983

Our fresh baked cookies are great for birthday gifts, corporate gifts, student care packs, fund raising and corporate premium gifts programs. How may we help you? Please contact us today for more information.

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