Gourmet Chocolate

What does the term gourmet chocolates mean? Do they truly taste much better than “regular” chocolates? What makes them taste so exquisite? Are they worth the higher cost? Let me answer these questions for you.

These chocolates are those that are made from exceptionally high quality ingredients using careful preparation techniques. They typically contain a high cocoa content, which gives them a more full bodied chocolate taste.

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They typically contain cocoa butter (the fat of the cocoa bean) and even cream, but very little if any other vegetable fats, which gives them a smooth texture and also a more chocolaty taste. They are usually made by hand in small batches with much attention to mixing and temperature control rather than by mass production.

Premium chocolates truly taste much better than mass produced chocolates. They are a mix of delicious, “pure” chocolate and other complimentary flavors that give you a subtle, pleasant sensation in your mouth. The aftertaste of good chocolates will linger on your tongue.

The higher quality ingredients and more labor intensive preparation is why these chocolates costs relatively more (although there are expensive, fancy-looking but low quality “fakes” too). There are many premium chocolates that are worth the higher price and are excellent value.

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One category with an extensive variety of flavors and shapes is chocolate truffles, which are synonymous with luxurious indulgence. They are a mixture of melted chocolate and cream enclosed in a thin chocolate shell.

Truffles have a creamy, velvety smooth center which melts in your mouth. But, what makes them so special are the wide range of delicious flavors in this creamy center such as cherry, raspberry, almond, coffee and many more. Of course you can get gourmet chocolates in many other forms, such as pure chocolate bark and a range of covered nuts, nougats, toffees, fruits and exotic combinations.

Exquisite – Yes!

Now you can be a better judge of premium chocolates.

There is great information on the Chocolate Gifts page to help you make an informed buying decision.

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