Fazer's Milk Chocolate

by Tonia

I want to tell you about my favorite chocolate - Fazer's Milk Chocolate! I just cannot get enough of it - it is sooo good.

The Fazer Chocolate Factory say their secret is that they use real milk (not milk powder) when making the chocolate. And maybe that is the reason - I don't know - all I know is that their chocolate is the best I ever tasted.

Maybe one reason I like Fazer's chocolate better than for example Lindt, Milka, Nestle or Marabou ( a Swedish brand) is that I think compared to Fazer's chocolate the other brands are too sweet. So probably Fazer uses a bit less sugar in their production too, and it gives the chocolate such a great taste :)

Now, I live in Finland and I can buy Fazer's chocolate in any store around here. When I was living in New York I could not find it there. But online I found a company that imports Fazer chocolate to the US called Chicago Importing Co., so I am sure some stores there carries Fazer.

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