Dark Chocolate Almond Round from
The Chocolate Fetish

by Gloria

Chocolate item: Dark Chocolate Almond Round from The Chocolate Fetish shop in Asheville, North Carolina (see the review on the Chocolate Shop Reviews page). It was primarily chocolate, with numerous whole almonds scattered randomly in the Round.

This review is written using the evaluation criteria described on the Chocolate Tasting page here at Everyone-loves-chocolate.com under Reviews. The Round looked and smelled so delicious, I took my first bite even before reviewing the criteria.

The appearance was glossy with an even shine. It had no whitish streaks, dots, or cracks. Its appearance was outstanding - I give the Appearance a rating of 5.

The aroma of the chocolate was fresh with a rich, chocolaty, flavorful smell even without rubbing the surface. I could not smell any chemicals or burnt scent at all. It smelled of pure chocolate when broken. I would rate the Aroma or Smell as a 5.

I tested the "break" of the chocolate and it was easy to break clean without crumbling or breaking into layers. Especially since it was a dark chocolate, it had a crisp, audible snap when broken. I would rate the Snap as a 5.

The primary taste was a good rich chocolate (there was no other flavorings). The almonds tasted good and fresh too. I could tell it was made from quality ingredients for a pleasant taste during and with a nice long lingering aftertaste as well. I rate the Taste as a 5.

When I placed the chocolate in my mouth and held it against the roof of my mouth, it melted immediately with an even texture like a good quality chocolate should. The texture was uniform and very smooth, creamy and soft on my tongue and not greasy, waxy or oily. I rate the Texture as a 5.

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