Chocolate Wedding Favors
Tips and Recipe

Everyone will love your elegant and delicious chocolate wedding favors. When you give mouthwatering chocolate to your guests, they will certainly know that you appreciated their presence at your wedding. Chocolates are very popular favors of brides and, most importantly, the wedding guests, whether young or old, men or women.

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The latest must have item at receptions are wedding chocolate fountains. Check out why they are such a hit at wedding receptions - a delicious dessert, entertainment, encourage conversation and an attractive focal point.

A simple do-it-yourself wedding favor idea is described below. Also notice ideas for wedding-related white chocolate molds under “Additional Ideas” below.

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(You can purchase these first 3 items at a craft store.)
Pillboxes (small round tins)
White tulle (netting) – comes in 9-inch round pieces
Ribbon (can use the accent color of your wedding)


Chocolates, such as chocolate truffles you made yourself (click to Chocolate Truffles Recipe) or purchased truffles.


  • Place chocolate truffles into box or tin.
  • Set in center of round tulle and pull up to squeeze tulle together.
  • Tie with ribbon.

Additional Ideas:

Melt white, milk or dark chocolate in molds which come in shapes such as:

Bride & groom
Wedding bells
Wedding cakes
Wedding rings
Weddings fans

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These gifts would also be appropriate for the engagement party, wedding shower and rehearsal dinner.

If you are in need of any of these items, SHOP from a variety of fondue pots and fountains, accessories and the chocolate to melt.

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