Chocolate Shop Reviews

Chocolate Shop Reviews are here to help you decide where to purchase chocolates. This gives you opinions and ratings from other chocolate lovers as to their purchasing experiences with chocolate shops they have visited. Also available is Chocolate Companies Online Reviews which reviews online chocolate shops to guide your purchases online.

We need your reviews of chocolate shops to makes this productive. Please submit your reviews of past buying experiences and remember to submit new reviews whenever you purchase chocolate from a shop in the future.

What to Look for at a Chocolate Shop

Below are key factors to look for as you evaluate a chocolate shop. A shop that rates well on these factors will provide a good shopping experience.

Overall Appearance:

The shop should be clean and attractively lighted and decorated, with chocolate products attractively displayed. It should be appealing for browsing and make for an enjoyable shopping experience. A wonderful aroma of chocolate is a great plus.

Logical, Attractive Display of Chocolates:

The shop should have a logical arrangement and display of chocolates and related products to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Products should be clearly identified and priced. Any chocolate that is not produced by the shop should be clearly indicated.

Customer Service:

The shop should have friendly, knowledgeable staff to greet you and answer your questions. Offers of taste samples to help one make choices are a common plus. There should be easy, convenient, prompt check out.


Any written guarantees for freshness or satisfaction should be prominently displayed.

Overall rating:

What is your overall rating of this chocolate shop? Would you shop there again?

Before filling out your comments below, please check if this shop is in our Gourmet Chocolate Shop Directory where you can leave your comments directly. Thank you and future readers thank you too!

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