Chocolate Festivals

Did someone say chocolate festival?!  OK!

Who is ready to go when you hear there is going to be gourmet chocolate served?

Wouldn't you love to travel the world, tasting chocolate, smelling delicious chocolate, talking luscious chocolate...

The more you think about this, the better it sounds!

Chocolate and More!

Many times festivals have a wide variety of events like tastings, demonstrations and some have a chocolate fashion show to make it extra enjoyable for everyone.

While it is an event to celebrate and eat chocolate from area chocolatiers, there might also be music, arts and crafts, games, and other entertainment.

For we chocoholics, the main attraction, of course, is the chocolate delicacies.

Consider inviting your friends to a fun festival. Many are free but if there is a charge, buy your friend a ticket - this would make you a very special person!

Chocolate Festivals are held all over the world and at all times of the year.

Below are a few of them. This will be continually updated.

Upcoming Chocolate Festivals

Find out below, where and when there are events to go to. Hopefully, there is one near you but if not, perhaps you can start one.

[Don't fret -- we're working up the list of Chocolate Festivals as you are reading this.

We'll get it posted soon!

Check back with us to find out more or tell us of an event that we should cover, below:]

Tell Us About YOUR Chocolate Festival!

Please share with us about a chocolate celebration…

  • Share about one you have just attended or hosted along with a picture. It will be enjoyable to hear your recollections of the event. Is it going to be held annually?
  • Advertise one coming soon or annually if you are hosting an event, on the committee for a tasting, or in charge of advertising.

Get in touch with the info about YOUR Chocolate Festival here.

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