Chocolate Companies Online Reviews

Chocolate Companies Online Reviews are here to help you decide where to purchase chocolates. This gives you opinions and ratings from other chocolate lovers as to their purchasing experiences with online chocolate shops. Also available is Chocolate Shop Reviews which reviews “brick and mortar” stores to guide your purchase of chocolate in person.

We need your Chocolate Companies Online Reviews to make this productive. Please submit your reviews of past buying experiences and remember to submit new reviews whenever you purchase chocolate online in the future.

What to Look for:

Key factors in rating an online site’s performance are ease of navigation/ease of use, site features, product variety and customer support. These factors are described below:

Easy to Navigate or Ease of Use:

If you have trouble navigating the site, the rest of this list may not matter much. The site needs to be easy to use. The site navigation, information describing a product, pricing, ordering and shipping should be easy to understand. The best sites allow you to search their chocolate products based on price or type of chocolate and are well organized and visually appealing.

Site Features:

This category covers the extent of features such as a chocolate glossary or other information. Many offer personalization options, gift cards and a reminder service so your gift is never late for a birthday or other occasion. The best sites feature a mobile application for the BlackBerry, iPhone or other mobile phone orders. The site’s security features, such as a secure checkout for ordering, are important as well.

Product Variety:

The variety of chocolate products offered on the site is a very important aspect and contributes a great deal to an overall satisfying shopping experience. Good sites offer a wide range including dark, milk and white chocolate, chocolate assortments, chocolate truffles and a varied selection of confections. Some sites offer chocolates that are gluten-free, vegan, sugar free and kosher products for those with special dietary requirements.

Customer Support:

Customer service is important if you need or want to be assisted before, during and after the purchase. The best sites usually provide email and phone support as well as order history and tracking, an extensive FAQs page and a notice about any guarantees and return policy. All reliable online chocolate shops will prominently feature their guarantee policy.

So when you buy your favorite chocolate from an online chocolate shop, it should be simple and as pleasurable as enjoying the chocolaty delicacy. When you are ready to shop, we reviewed and recommend a few online chocolate shops for you so please check them out and then come back to review them. Another reason these particular shops are a good choice is that the final chocolate products are made at their shop so you will be buying directly from them.

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