Asheville, North Carolina, USA
The Chocolate Fetish

by Gloria

We visited this great chocolate shop in downtown Asheville where it is located amongst many artistic galleries, unique shops and restaurants.

The owners are a delightful couple whose grown daughter works with them creating artistic chocolate sculptures and more. They are real connoisseurs and enjoy their work and their customers.

My evaluation uses the key factors from the top of the Chocolate Shop Reviews page here at

The overall appearance was clean and attractively lighted and decorated. The wonderful aroma of chocolate greeted us as we opened their door. The shop was spacious (a recent expansion and remodeling doubled its size). The shop has also has a couple small tables and chairs to sit and eat. I give a rating of 5 for Overall Appearance.

The chocolate products were displayed well in glass cases and packaged products and non-edible items were displayed in huge antique wooden shelf cases. All products were logically arranged, making it easy to find what you want. All chocolate product is locally-made (one can see the production area through windows behind the main display case). The shop happened to have a large special display of chocolate covered strawberries that was quite classy. The shop’s chocolate truffles were artistic to look at as well as a flavor treat! They have a wide selection of chocolate products to choose. I especially loved the delicious dark chocolate bark with almonds that I purchased. I took two bites before I remembered to follow my own tasting evaluation points. (See my Chocolate Tasting page.) The prices were clearly identified. I give a rating of 5 for the Logical, Attractive Display of Chocolates.

The staff was all friendly and knowledgeable. The shop is headed by the local family owners. We were kindly greeted as we entered the store and staff offered to answer any questions. I give a rating of 5 for their Customer Service.

I highly recommend The Chocolate Fetish - I give it a 5 for the Overall Rating.

What fun to review shops all around the world.

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