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Chocolate free ecards are the best ones to choose because everyone loves chocolate!

You can mix and match the ecards and stamps to go with them so it will fit almost any occasion, event, or sentiment you want to send.

For example, you could choose the chocolate covered strawberries photo for the ecard and a stamp which says Happy Valentines Day. Another example, you might choose the Thank You photo for the ecard and have the stamp be the photo of chocolates.

When you go to the chocolate free ecards page, you will find beautiful, delicious looking photos of chocolate in various ways for your ecards…such as:

Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate cakes
Box of chocolate
White chocolate
Chocolate truffles
Chocolate fountain
Box/present with pretty bow
Happy birthday choices
Chocolate and a rose
Thank You
Happy New Year
Valentines Day

Then, you will have your choice of a stamp to go on your chocolate ecards such as:

Photo of chocolates
U.S. postage stamp
Birthday cake with candles
Birthday hats
Birthday candles
Get Well
Happy New Year
Happy Valentines Day
Happy Easter
Praying hands

Website Publishers,

The ecards has been one of the best things I've done with my website. I think I looked at every free ecards system available and was not satisfied with them at all. I wanted something very decent to put on my site so I am willing to pay the small cost for what I have received. I like what this one provides.

My ecards are providing very good traffic. Once I had it up and running, I was able to see the report anytime for how many cards are sent and how many are opened.

You can use your own photos. There are photos available to use within the system but you will probably want your own for your site. The number of photos you use is mostly up to you. I have used all I could which is 40 cards and 20 stamps. I have the Basic System - there is a premium system available, too.

Click here to test this ecard system, that I highly recommend, for yourself. Do keep me informed if you sign up. I would love to see what you do with them. You'll see my picture when you click into the home page because I did a recommendation for the system.

If you think of any questions, just ask me through the Contact Us page and I'll try to answer.

Here are some ideas for you to think about sending ecards:


Christmas ecards – December 25
Valentines Day ecards – February 14
Easter ecards – Sunday date varies
Fathers Day ecards – 3rd Sunday in June
Mothers Day ecards – 2nd Sunday in May
Thanksgiving ecards – 4th Thursday in November
Happy New Years ecards – January 1st
Halloween ecards – October 31
Memorial Day ecards
Rosh Hashanah ecards
July 4th ecards
Passover ecards
Jewish New Year ecards
Yom Kippur ecards
Sweetest Day ecards - 3rd Saturday in October
Cinco de Mayo ecards
May Day ecards
Columbus Day ecards
Chinese New Year ecards
Labor Day ecards


Birthday ecards
Wedding Anniversary ecards
Graduation ecards
Belated Birthday ecards
Wedding ecards
Baby ecards


Funny ecards
Romantic ecards
Love ecards
Hilarious ecards
Humorous ecards
Thank you ecards
Get Well ecards
Sorry ecards
Romance ecards
Sympathy ecards
I Miss You ecards
I Love You ecards
Thinking of You ecards
Pet Sympathy ecards
Ecards for Lovers
I am Sorry ecards
Sweet ecards
Secret Admirer ecards
Motivational ecards
Congratulations ecard


Christian ecards
Hanukkah ecards
Spiritual ecards
Inspirational ecards
Angel ecards

Other Free Greeting Ecards:

Animated ecards
Musical ecards
Friendship ecards
Cowboy ecards
Good Luck ecards
Dog ecards
Kids ecards
Spanish ecards
Animal ecards
Cartoon ecards
Horse ecards
Cat ecards
Movie ecards
Unique ecards
Fall ecards
50th Birthday ecard
Photo ecards
Golf ecards
Nature ecards
Summer ecards
Vacation ecards
Sports ecards
Country Music ecard
Ecard Invitation
Celebrity ecards
Everyday ecards
No Diet Day ecards
USA ecards
Autumn ecards
Business ecards
Puppy ecards
21st Birthday ecard

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